Red Pine

Tiao Zhong Si Xiao Wan

Chinese: 调中四消丸
English: Regulate the Middle and Reduce the Four [Stagnations] Pill

Source: Beijing Tongrentang pharmacy (c. 1810)
Chao Qian Niu Zi (Dry-fried Pharbitidis Semen)
Shu Da Huang (Steamed Rhei Radix et Rhizoma)
Cu Zhi Xiang Fu (Vinegar Processed Cyperi Rhizoma)
Cu Ling Zhi (Vinegar-fried Trogopterori Faeces)
Zao Jia (Gleditsiae Fructus)

Each box contains 10 packets of 6g pills.

Indications: Sticky stools, incomplete evacuation, or constipation (not constipation with
dry stools), malodorous stools, bloating, gas, and a feeling of blockage in the lower abdomen.
The pulse is soggy and the tongue is swollen, has teeth marks, with a tight coating (i.e.,
cannot scrape off) that may be oily or sticky. There is pain at CV-8 (shén què) on palpation
as well as a tight nodule in the lower abdomen. This formula is especially appropriate for
food stagnation from poor diets (low quality oils, dairy, fast food, etc.). One can also take
this formula prophylatically.

Location: Lower burner/Large Intestine

Notes: This formula regulates the middle and removes the four stagnations (food, phlegm,
qi, and blood) that can arise from a poor diet. The recommended dose is 1.5g two times
a day (three times a day, if serious). Usually, one takes this formula for only 3-5
days. After taking the formula there may be lots of mucus that comes out in the stools,
one’s tongue coating will lessen, and there will be reduced pain on palpation at CV-8 (shén
què). If you take too much of the formula, you can create more blockage. 

Cu Ling Zhi (Vinegar-fried Trogopterori Faeces)

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